My three weeks in Milan


My three weeks in Milan passed too fast, and I am happy to have a good time in Italy. Italy is totally different from both my home country and the United States in terms of food, street, atmosphere, and so on, so I had no idea before I visit there. But, I am glad to experience a new culture. It was a time like a dream, and I cannot believe that I stayed there.

Italy is very beautiful country, and I felt that everything was scenery even people. Also, Italy has great history and it is famous of many fields such as food, architecture, fashion, and so on, and I was able to experience these Italian culture. Especially, I enjoyed Italian food, and it was different from Italian food both in the United States and in Japan, and it was better than one which I eat in other countries. I felt that Milan is diversity. It was larger city than I thought. Even though I was surprised at first, I thought that that’s why Italy has various cultures.

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I enjoyed not only my free time but also the classes which I took at IULM. The courses helped me to enjoy my life in Milan because I was able to learn many things from various fields, and they are very pragmatic. I also studied field which I was not interested in, but I felt that it is interesting through the classes. As a part of the program, I went to sightseeing in Milan, and I saw some famous places. It was very interesting, because a tour conductor told us much about those places, such as history.Image-1

I am glad to join this trip, because I was able to experience many things in Italy. I think that I will be able to apply these experiences which I got from this trip to my future.


Short trip


Guess what?  I went to venice on the weekend. Venice is two hours and half to the east from Milan by train. Venice is called the city of water because there are many canals, so we can move through the canals by water taxies. I have heard venice, but I had no idea before I visit.

On June 10, I took a train from Milan. The views from the window were changing as we get close to venice, and it was very beautiful. Once I saw the sea, I was so excited because I like ocean.

Soon after I arrived in venice I went to Piazza San Marco and walked around there. Piazza San Marco was huge and I was not able to include whole part in a picture. Also, it was very beautiful and the picture which I watched through media. I took a gondola. During the gondola ride, the rower of the gondola told us about venice. He was kind and his talk was interesting. It was very comfortable to see beautiful view from the gondola and feel the wind, and I was able to enjoy the ride.

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Also there are a lot of delicious food in Venice. Venice is close to sea, so it is famous of seafood. I was able to eat some good seafood in venice. Also it was so hot, so it was very good to eat gelato during walking along the coast.

I had a good time in venice, but I was also very tired because there are so many people in venice even though the streets are very narrow. Even though I felt that it is very touristy city, this trip was extraordinary and like a dream. Venice was a very beautiful city, and I thought that it was colorful because of their buildings, flowers, and so on. I stayed there only two days, but I really enjoyed.


Classes in IULM


I took three courses in each week in IULM.

During the first week, I learned Italian Language. It was the first time to learn Italian. Even though the course was for beginners, it was too difficult for me to learn a new language. I learned Italian in English, so it was very hard for me, because my first language is not English. I am studying at UNK as an international students to get my degree, so Italian is going to be my third language. Compared to other languages which I know, I thought that Italian is more similar to English than Japanese in terms of structure and words, but Italian was very difficult, and I  was confused. I learned just a little bit of Italian, but it was very interesting to learn a new language.

In the second week, I learned Fashion and Design. In this class, I leaned much about brand. Especially, I felt that the professor focused on marketing. I have studied neither marketing nor fashion, so this class was interesting. We also worked as a group. In our group, we focused on Etro which is one of the most famous brands in Milan and had a presentation.

In the third week, I studied Food and Wine. I was so excited to take this course before the trip, because I like eating and I knew that Italian food is very famous and delicious. In this course, many different lecturers who are specialized each different profession taught us, so I was able to studied about food in various points of view. For example, we did some tasting such as olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, and wine. Especially, Balsamic vinegar was very interesting. We tried three kinds of Balsamic vinegar, but each vinegar had different taste. I haven’t thought that each Balsamic vinegar has various characteristics, and I thought that I was able to realize it thanks to tasting them. We also went to the restaurant and the winery as part of this course. Both were very good places and I had a very good time.

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I think that each course is unique to Italy and Milan, so it was meaningful to learn these fields in Milan. Also, I was able to learn in practical way, so I will be able to use these knowledges in my daily life.

My first impression of Milan


I cannot believe that three weeks in Milan is over. It was so fast and exciting.

On June 4, I arrived in Milan, Italy. Before I came here, I was excited, but I was also nervous. That’s because it was my first time to visit Europe. Before I came here, Europe was a world which I can see through the movies. I didn’t know anything about Milan and Italy. After I actually see the street in Milan with my own eyes, it was like a scene in a movie as I thought.

On that day, I saw the Piazza see Duomo. The Piazza del Duomo is the symbol of Milan, and it is located at area which is called the center of Milan. I was so excited to see it, and I felt that this is why Italy is famous for architecture. It was very huge, but every details of the Piazza del Duomo were very beautiful. Around this area, there are many shops and good restaurants, and I used happy hour. It is a system which I can get buffet if I order a drink. It was so good, and I had a very good time.

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On June 5, I went to Navilio which is close to the university. At that area, there are a canal and many good place to eat and shop. I had a pizza for dinner at the pizzeria. It was the first time to eat real Italian food in Italy, and it was so delicious. The street was very beautiful, and I had a very good time to see the canal and had a nice dinner.

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Milan was much more beautiful city than I thought, and it was a good beginning of the trip. I felt that I will be able to have a good time in Milan in next three week.